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Antioxidant - Promotes Cell Nourishment


Fructus Morinda Citrifolia 250mg.


2 capsules to be taken before meal, twice daily.


60 capsules per bottle.

Just what is Noni?

Scientifically known as Morinda Citrifolia, Noni is a small evergreen plant that thrives in wet climates throughout the Pacific Islands and South East Asia. It began to catch the eyes of researchers in the early 20th century and more and more amazing qualities of Noni fruits started to unveil.

Dr Ralph Heinicke of the University of Hawaii has conducted the most extensive research on Noni. He discovered that Noni fruit has high levels of Proxeronine and Proxeroninase, the enzyme that helps converting Proxeronine to Xeronine. Xeronine is a vital alkaloid, occurring in virtually all healthy animal cells that regulate the shape and rigidity of specific proteins thus triggering a wide range of physiological responses.

According to Dr Heinicke, "…each tissue has cells which contain proteins, which in turn have receptor sites for the absorption of xeronine. Certain of these proteins are the inert forms of enzymes which require absorbed xeronine to become active…Since Noni is a potential source of this alkaloid, Noni extract can be a valuable herbal remedy".

What are the benefits of Walex Noni ?

1) Noni is an effective antioxidant that promotes cell nourishment and     protects the body from free radicals that cause cells breakdown.

2) Noni contains selenium, one of the established antioxidants that is widely     used.

3) In ancient Hawaii folk medicine, Noni was used in the treatment of     diabetes, ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure as well as kidney and     bladder disorders.

4) Useful for menstrual cramps, arthritis, sprains, injuries, mental     depression, senility, poor digestion, arteriosclerosis, blood vessel     problems, addiction and pain.


The above healthcare information is not to replace professional medical consultation. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to consult doctor or pharmacist before taking any health supplement.

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