Prof. Zhu Wen Jun | Professor of Pharmacologist

Professor Zhu is currently the head of product research & development section and of Yat Ming Medicine (1938) Pte Ltd in Wen Ken Group.

He is carrying out research on Traditional Chinese medicine and other medicinal plants as potential sources for new products. His research areas also include quality and safety control of products.

He was a lecturer of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (1990-1993) and has been the principal of TCM College Singapore since 2002 and holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy.

He has served as Member of the Chinese Proprietary Medicine Advisory Committee (2002 – 2006), Ministry of Health (MOH) and Member of the Herbal Medicines Scientific Advisory Committee (2008 – 2012), Health Science Authority (HSA), Singapore.


Mr. Young Siew Wah | Chief Pharmacist

A Pharmacist by training, Mr Young has been a registered Pharmacist since 1990. He has been involved in numerous projects with researchers from Universities in China on marine extracts biotechnology ingredients and herbal extracts. Mr. Young is involved in the R & D and formulation for Wen Ken Group to ensure safety, consistency and efficacy. Mr. Young had developed products for gastro-intestinal care, cholesterol reducing, arthritis care, man’s health, weight reduction, topical treatment product for pain relief and fungal infections.

Mr. Young oversee the QA and GMP compliance of the manufacturing plant which produce pharmaceuticals and herbal preparations. He is also the head of Regulatory unit to ensure the product registration, licensing and Halal certification are meeting the stringent requirement of local Authority.