Three Legs
Cooling Water
(Heat Relief)

Since its production in 1937, Three Legs Cooling Water has been the go-to choice of cooling water with millions consuming it throughout Southeast Asia for the past 80 years.

Three Legs Cooling Water consists of deionized water and Gypsum Fibrosum which is a natural ingredient traditionally used by the Chinese to reduce “heatiness” in the body. The packaging has since evolved from its original glass bottle and metal cap version to a PET bottle and plastic cap for improved hygiene standards and mobility.

Packing Size
  • 200ml in PET Bottle
  • 500ml in PET Bottle
  • 6 x
    Cluster Pack
MAL Number
  • none


Traditionally used to relieve fever and body heatiness


Gypsum Fibrosum

Direction of Use

Based on 200ml bottle:

  • Adults: 1 Bottle each time, 4 times daily
  • Children (8- 12 years old): 1/2 Bottle each time, 4 times daily
  • Children (4- 7 years old): 1/3 Bottle each time, 4 times daily