Three Legs
Cooltopia Cooling Water
(Heat relief)

This cooling water is a traditional remedy with new flavors – Lime, lychee and guava. It contains natural ingredients that relieve “heatiness” in the body. Consumption of food cooked over fire, durian and spicy foods all cause body “heatiness” to occur. Among the symptoms are mouth ulcers and a sore throat.

Packing Size
  • 320ml in PET Bottle
MAL Number
  • none


Traditionally used to relieve fever and body heatiness


Gypsum Fibrosum, Calcitum

Direction of Use

Based on 320ml bottle:

  • Adults: 1 Bottle each time, 4 times daily
  • Children (3- 12 years): ½ bottle each time, 4 times daily.