Wen Ken Group was founded in 1937.

Wen Ken Group is a family-owned group of companies and the creator of the renowned Three Legs Brand Cooling Water. Founded in 1937, Wen Ken Group has more than 80 years of experience in the research and development, as well as production and marketing of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Natural Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and OTC (Over-the-Counter) health products. In recent years, our group has also ventured into developing and producing functional food and drink products that are in line with our healthcare model. Wen Ken’s existing factories and offices in Southeast Asia cover a total land area exceeding 12,900 square meters, boasting a dedicated workforce of close to 200 employees.

Three Legs Brand has certainly grown and developed along with many generations. Nonetheless, even with the onslaught of time, we have never wavered in the endeavour set forth by our founders –we will always serve with pride and fervor in our mission to supply quality and affordable healthcare products to the masses.

Our Mission:

To enhance the value of stakeholders in the healthcare business through trust and care.

Our Vision:

To double the range for Three Legs Cooling Water, reaching 800 million units in volume, while entering new markets through investments from existing Wen Ken businesses.

The Products Era

The Sales Era

The Marketing Era

The Market Penetration

Consumer-centric Product Development

2010s to Current
Era of Modernization

“At Wen Ken, we want to create a sustainable business that is truly beneficial to society. For it is the society we serve whom our continued success is dependent upon, and so it is to society that we should rightly give back, with sincerity, love and gratitude.”

Our Renewed Core Values – Gratitude, Trustworthiness and Empathy – are now at the forefront of everything we do at Wen Ken.

Gratitude – Inspiring Diligence

We are grateful for the health we have inherited from our forefathers. Although life is challenging at times, we appreciate the wonderful things that come with it. In response, we put in relentless effort to make life better for others.

Trustworthiness – Emerging From Parity

Guided by honesty and uprightness, we jealously guard our reputation that was painstakingly built from genuinely caring for all people across communities, regardless of their status, with authentic and efficacious products.

Empathy – Reflecting Humility

Wen Ken Group was founded on the purpose of providing affordable ailment remedies to the masses. Today, we continue to feel what people are going through and seek to uncover what we can do more for them. To us, the interest of others always comes first.

Learn More About Our Progress

Wen Ken Group vision is to become a leading and innovative healthcare organisation in South East Asia, by aligning with our core values – Love, Gratitude, Passion, Innovation and Integrity. Our mission is to enhance the value of all our stakeholders in the healthcare business through trust and care.Find out more by downloading our Corporate Profile below:

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Wen Ken Group has been a trusted and established organisation in the healthcare industry since 1937.
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